There is no ignoring the fact that Tik Tok is becoming a primary channel in which marketers are able to reach their audience. Tik Tok is on track to reach a billion users in 2021. Video content has become the most preferred way of receiving information and entertainment — so it’s no surprise that Tik Tok is taking the marketing world by storm. 

Tik Tok definitely has marketing professionals taking notice! It has moved into that pay-to-play category, offering ways to advertise on their platform. And now, if you want to see results you’ve got to pay up. Tik Tok recently introduced their new business profiles feature which will allow organizations to effectively promote their offerings.The application will provide marketing tips, data insights, and exclusive information on events and the ability to launch ads in minutes. 


Like so many social media platforms, Tik Tok initially appealed to a younger audience, but we are now seeing that 20% of U.S. adults 30-49yr old are using Tik Tok. There is too much potential for brand engagement, viral videos, and brand sponsorships for it to be ignored. 


Source: Pew Research Center


Although informational and educational content has secured its place on Tik Tok, most users come for the funny and entertaining content. This means it’s a great opportunity for your organization to mix up your usual content, do something new, and try posting more informal, comical videos to catch people’s attention. 

So, if you’re not yet using this platform…what should you do? It’s wise to keep Tik Tok on your radar. With the scale at which users are growing, Tik Tok might just be the next best place for you to advertise. With business profiles being introduced, audience age groups expanding, and the brain’s addiction to video content, this is a platform you should think about adding to your digital marketing strategy. 

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